Hmm…analogy of legalism?

So I came across this post by an author awhile back but it really…today it spoke to me in spiritual sense:

Head-First Writing Falls Flat

In the first month of my creative writing Masters, both my tutors told me that I wrote too much from the head. I’d gotten all the technical stuff right – I could construct a plot, write good dialogue, and so on – but there was no heart behind my short stories.They were right. I was trying to follow all the rules, but I didn’t really care about what I wrote.The same thing happens to a lot of online business owners. We tend to get caught up trying to get things perfect … but this results in copy that’s either bland or trying too hard. There’s no real energy or excitement behind our words. So we fake it by throwing in lots of extra adjectives and exclamation marks.Yes, the technicalities of writing are important. If your sales page is poorly constructed and riddled with grammatical errors, you’re going to put people off. But when you sit down to write your first draft, you want to use your heart, not your head*

It came to me how perhaps some  people can be following the rules so to speak but inside there are empty. its not coming from the heart, its lifeless.  Again the author elsewhere writes:

I know ittough to reach deep and put your heart on the page. Every single time I write something that seems a bit too close to home, I’m reluctant to hit “publish”. But when I do, I’m always overwhelmed by the positive response from readers.Don’t be afraid to follow your heart. That blog post about something dear to you will touch others. That section of your ebook where you confess your own hang-ups will help people. That sales page which is honest and forthright will reach your ideal customer.I’m no braver than you. But I ditched those short stories three years ago, and spent the rest of my Master’s degree working on a novel – something I really wanted to read. I ditched my first blog that was all about trying to make money, and started a real business around what I love – writing.” *

So this reminds me how if as a Christian, how do expect to really touch peoples heart and perhaps inspire change if you are not doing the love walk out of your heart?  if the love is not sincere…?

*from here :

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