No, I am not..

When I was younger , I think I was young teen, I was taken to the hospital,  I don’t actually  remember for what. What I do remember though is the ER doctor interrogating me if I had been sexually active. I still remember him a bit- he was tall seemed to be east asian ( but by his accent likely raised in the USA) ,wearing the iconic classic white  lab coat doctors wear; he  came into the room and closed the room door on my left, my mom being outside. Time after time I let him know the answer was no. I remember him seeming a bit exacerbated like he was trying to get the confession out of me. Not like he was frustrated or angry but like he was just trying. But the answer was the same.Basically No, I am not having sex. I found it funny for him to not take it that I was not engaging in that.

Makes me think that perhaps he has probably seen his share or many cases where a teen comes in sick, possibly due to an std or pregnancy, but the parents don’t know and find out there.

By the way this is not to boast about not having sex as a teen, to be honest no one was begging nor was I dating.


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