1975 concert…

I went to a concert of theirs recently, didn’t like that the concert felt rushed, they didn’t give time to create an ambiance…


I didn’t get what I would’ve like to happen, occur so of course..

they didn’t at least wave to fans standing out waiting ( after the concert) as close as possible to the tour bus, save only the saxophone or other synth, keyboard player who waved out to us standing waiting. Later more than one security personnel at different times told us they had left already ( one of the tour buses had left).

I am not for sure of they did leave , but considering that most of the security personnel eventually left, perhaps they did leave

Are they too good for us that they just straight up went to the tour bus , avoiding fans? They could have at least waved I just felt it was bit disrespectful, anyway, maybe I shouldn’t have thought about Matty as I had.. anyway it didn’t feel great , but yeah perhaps maybe I’m thinking wrong of the situation, I guess they’ve done hundreds if not more thousands of shows ..;and I don’t know what’s going on with them and why they chose not to at least wave to fans waiting after the show

I know Matty talked about not doing meet and greets in the US, but I guess the thoughtful thing could have been to wave goodbye to fans..maybe considering the date of the concert and climate of the nation at the time.. they chose not too..*shrugs”

This is the second time something like this has happened to me. I have only paid to see concerts twice. Both times this happened..

to be honest maybe I shouldn’t say this…but I was really obsessed with Matty and really did not pay attention to the other bandmates( yeah it seems.. :/ )

still though he positive , the people at the concert weren’t bad, it was nice to meet others with a similar interest. I guess perhaps I should be grateful to have been able to go..

I guess I really obsessed with Matty ..went overboard..heck the aesthetic, image projected the music videos ( not all of them but) were like witchcraft, like a rope that hooked  and I awed by .. heck even the name sounded articulate, and snappy something about the names sounded I guess the best way to describe it is cool,

“The *head snaps to one side* Nineteeen, Sev-in Dee Five”

also as some of the comments in this vid talk of liking   “aesthetics”.


As concerning Matty, I mean you know it was just some things that he said, expressed, and or how he expressed himself, that made me think wow…almost soulmatish , like I guess we understood saw some things a similar way, ( I don’t condone his atheism though) but yeah ..and so I guess I thought perhaps something more could come ..

I guess he was my heart, my soul ,everything. ..idolization…just to see that  ..why did I do that to myself..let my self feel that way about celebrity?..I mean anyway..I went to delve farther than I have  on this ,not now

Anyway I have enjoyed some of their songs prior to going to their concert..maybe I’ll get over this .


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