Being yourself with a guy..

So recently I talked twice to a guy I met online.  He was sort of intense. He talked about the Middle east, oil, Donald Trump.


Um so.. I had my opinions on the matters he was talking about, I even have some sort of view towards Donald Trump . From the looks of the conversation, I was scared to  to tell him about it. I guess because I  was afraid to be rejected. So from there on forward  ..the conversation went on but I couldn’t help but think this isn’t good. At least at some point I need to let him know how I feel about it and see what happens, if he doesn’t accept it then I guess we’re not a  fit.

I went online and searched about being afraid to be  yourself around .blah blah… And read some  insightful things. Based on what I have been learning about being yourself,  , especially if dating, its important to be yourself  because you want some one to really love the real you, no  someone you aren’t . How will you find the person who likes, loves the real you, if the real you is not revealed, expressed, seen, shown , put on display?



About Chip and Joanna Gaines pastor preaching against homosexuality

So I saw they were trending on Facebook so I checked to see why. Apparently Chip and Joanna Gaines pastor preached against homosexuality.

This is what I have to say:

Well they are from a Christian background, what do you expect..? please leave them alone.