What I should stop doing

Recently I was at a small group meeting for young people in church ( I am not that young btw, I’m one of the older people in the group).  We were all sitting like around a  big table and one of the leaders  was asking around , to people like what the highlight of their week was. Well I related a dream about how I I felt it was revealed to me that like I can’t depend on people to change my life I need to like be self determined ( setting and planning how to achieve goals is a part of that) .

Well, he was like well how did that change something in your life. I don’t remember the exact phrasing but basically to me it was like I was being made conscious  of  -was there any tangible fruit of lasting consequence?

Did this really help?  He probably wasn’t trying to come across that way. Maybe  him being from another country with english not being his first language, he was trying to understand what I meant. But I felt kind of like not good about it . Because in actuality, I’ve heard and received a lot of counsel, but what fruit has it in my life? I mean its like stupidity. To be honest, I guess I haven’t applied it right or barely at all. I’m really struggling with my attempt to do a lot in a little time and this addiction I have to facebook doesn’t help.

I mean I will seek God about it because for many people what’s  important is that when you applied counsel or did  certain actions , did it effect permanent good change in your life?

So I  mean I can share counsel I’ve heard spiritually but currently the fruit department is perhaps not where it should or could be.


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