“Cash me outside” Danielle bregoli

So, in a stunning twist of events..well perhaps not too surprising, a young teen girl has garnered world wide an attention and fame through her out of the mill raucous behavior and catch phrase she picked up from the streets, “Cash me outside, Howbow dah”.

Currently, she has over a million followers on Instagram and also quite a following on facebook as well.

It seems almost unfair, or messed up that out of brash attitude she’s become something sort of an internet icon or caricature.  Well, interestingly enough just when you thought what did she do to get this? , I found out through her facebook page that when she was younger her mom was diagnosed with cancer ; she would help her single mom through the treatments. They’ve suffered.  She didn’t choose to live with only one parent. Maybe her mom is at fault for hindering a proper good relationship to be built between Danielle and her dad;maybe it’s not the mom fault. I don’t know  for sure nor have I researched the matter well.

Perhaps because she was a supportive daughter when she was younger, she’s being given this platform today, maybe its not because of that *¯\_(ツ)_/¯ *

Either way I thought it was sweet and good that she helped her mom through that. I found out later that her mom has had cancer twice before. So perhaps she has been there for her mom twice when she has had cancer.

Anyway the point of this post, is a clarion call, shout out to Danielle. You’ve been given an  opportunity, a platform. Having been born out of perhaps one of the unlikeliest of circumstances. You could use this opportunity to change your life , this platform to dole out positivity , good vibes and love; to be a better example for teen girls out there. You can use it to bring light attention to something that is dear and close to your heart, maybe a organization, a project you are working on.  You could use it to to help other people.


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