Paying for a prophetic word..

( Mostly written months ago)

So .. I have been in desperate circumstances..I feel a mess and though I believe I have gotten guidance from the Father…it would really help if I got confirmation or guidance from others..

I am so desperate in need that I have been willing to do what year ago I ‘d never  want to do..I still don’t want to but I am sort of in a mess.

There is someone who is giving prophetic words at  price for about little over $22  I sort of trust the guy ( like I think he may give an accurate prophetic word from a likely good place) There is someone else giving words for $40 USD

I’m at the plank.  I literally have been for the most part living of school loans though I got a tax return which was helpful.

Nevertheless I am at a point where I have to make some make some major decisions, and perhaps something he may tell me may help. He says he has given prophetic words to people who when they told him they don’t have money to pay for one he’d give them away for free.


I used credit to pay for the word. The word did not resonate with with me. He offered to do another and or give me my money. I opted to get my credited back.  :/

I really have just go to get it together somehow ..get serious and intentional about …

-So I’ve learned or been taught that prophecy is suppose to confirm what is in your heart not be a replacement for a personal relationship with God, hearing him for yourself. (Shawn Bolz*). That understanding, made sense to me- sounds right.

*Bolz, Shawn. Translating God: Hearing God’s Voice for Yourself and the World Around You. ICreate Productions. Kindle Edition. I alsso saw part of teaching series on it.


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