I knew without a doubt he was the one…

So  saw a clip on youtube from the The Real Daytime..

and here Adrienne talks about how you know without a doubt, in your gut and with peace when someone is the one ( eg. and aka husband).

So I’m like for real..when have I ever felt that way about anything…
So as usual I go online looking for answers typing “I knew without a doubt he was the one” (with the quotes)

interestingly I came across some two comments on here
about how when they know someone was the one.. interestingly enough its when they are really enjoying being themselves…It’s like a moment.. they were singing to a song..they were dancing at a concert.

funny I did one of ten sketch thumbnails  about what love is for a valentines day assignment  and one of the thumbnails it was a couple dancing and they were  just ..in the moment…its like time did not existence..they were just being..
so perhaps intuitively (and well I’ve watched and read a lot of stories about when people knew they were the one so maybe it came from that) that there may be truth to it.. experiencing moments like that when you know..  when you just know.

Update: I know that isn’t the one criteria or even a necessary criteria for finding a spouse, but it sure is a romantic and idealized look on love.




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