Job search workshop


So I recently had to go to a workshop as part of my obligation to continue to receive unemployment benefits. I thought it might be boring, routine kind of event. And honestly did not expect too much from it, other than probably what I was use to hearing and probably already knew. Pretty much to my knowledge everyone there was in a similar boat.

I was wrong.

It was for the most part fun. I learned and experienced different people, and their personalities, hearing their stories. The trainer was a bit entertaining.  I had so much fun and enjoyed myself.  I of course learned a lot too. I took notes and I guess I should try to consolidate what I learned. I learned about the “hidden job market” I never knew it existed.  Interestingly, enough there was a person there who had worked in hr and she told her side of the story,  like how it is to be in the shoes of the employer , responding with explanations for why employers may have acted some sort of way that those there did not like.

So for sure it was helpful and valuable. Yet,  if I were to be honest, do I really want to work for an employer again?  A workshop on how I could be my own boss, that perhaps I would have been more privy too. This workshop was geared towards obtaining employment with an employer.

Interesting thing that was asked by the trainer to the class , was -Do you have a plan?-Many people raised their hand. He may have asked too if the plan was written down. Thinking back I couldn’t say I have a concrete plan.


I need to get more clear on what it is I am looking for or will fit who I am , and then go for it. I should really write out a plan. I’ve thought about many things to do but perhaps I need to concentrate on few things, or even one or two things, and use my energy right.

I’ve shared some of what I think I may be good at or can do. To  be honest what’s left is to try it out, practice and put out content. What’s been holding me back? I feel I need to get more serious  and aware about working to get out of the situations I’m in that bothers me.

Sources ( and Resources) that you may find helpful
Essentialism- Greg Mckeown
48 Days to the Work You Love: Preparing for the New Normal – Dan Miller

Pictures from Pixabay

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