The Dave Ramsey Show Youtube clips

Many of the youtube clips he has for his show are the epitome of clickbait. Oh master we are not worthy. Like a magnet I innately want to click, and watch immediately.

The headlines are crazy an a bit unique.  On the other had, I’d like to see the light at the end of the tunnel that he may provide for the people who call in. If these people can possibly get out of these debt holes, there could be hope for the rest of us with lesser debt.

Some headlines

“We haven’t paid our Bills For 6 Years!” 
oh really…* eyes roll up to the sky*
(real talk who goes 6 years without paying any of their bills? any)

“My girlfriend has $450,000 in debt”   
Maybe it’s time to find another one? lol well she’s planning to be a dentist so maybe that will help,  all I can say is if you are going to marry her hold on, it may be a bumpy ride if she wants to pay that off in a short amount of time

“Step Dad married a 24 year old gold digger”
Uhhh not too surprising..we’ve all probably hear of famous rich men that could do that..ok well to be fair in the clip she mentions property the step dad and mom bought that is worth more than a million ( maybe 2.5) so…Btw the step dad is 77.

$320,00 in school Debt  Loan and We Aren’t Even Doctors!
smh..all I can say for that. I kind of pity them

You make $320,000 A MONTH?!?
N&%^3 why are you calling in ?  Use that money and get you a personal financial advisor. You could probably hire one from Dave Ramsey’s company. Leave the line for us broke people that need it!!! lol

The amount of debt these people have is astronomical and lo and behold what does most of the debt relate to . You got it, school loans. Just annoying . unfortunately most of us made stupid decisions and are naive and got ourselves way into deep.  I have a huge amount of school loan debt too. But the testimonies are sort of inspiring and give hope, that one doesn’t have to have that debt forever,

haha,  these headlines though I couldn’t make this stuff up even if I wanted to.


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