Giving up…coming to the end of yourself

I had been slight addicted to watching Dave Ramsey videos and what he said in what vid spoke to me..

Husband Won’t Stop Investing in Baby Step 2

Specifically at around 3:50.. That’s probably part of or exactly what is meant what by the phrase “giving up” and “coming to the end of yourself”…

ha I thought he was being arrogant earlier in the beginning like as if his plan is the best way but as I got further along it made sense..

He said, “I dont know how to fix it ,could you show me how, and then you submit yourself to a plan”.  Using an example of hiring a fitness trainer he explained,  you submit your self to their system, because they have abs and you have a keg.

I know I haven’t really been sticking to the plan I feel God, Jesus and or His Spirit has been given to me.  I have a tendency perhaps to not stick to a plan. I then try to do other things that he did not counsel  me to do in hopes that it may work. But then you see you’ve been int the same place for years and frustrated and its like ..ok maybe you should really abandon all your other plans and at least focus on doing with full effort do what he told you to do.

Interestingly kind of reminds  Joyce Meyer teaching
How to Be Led By the Spirit

There may be more to the meaning of  giving up too – I’ve been told.. I’ve had a tendency to try to earn God’s love..  so it maybe related to stop trying to earn His love, which I need to seek what that means..or if anyone has any suggestions on how to practically not to do that I’d appreciate it.




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