First. time. ev-er.

In the more than thirty years I have been alive , I have never seen or heard  nor can I remember schools shut down and offices close for the day because of high winds until……


I am in utter  shock and unbelief this is happened. I didn’t realize high winds could be serious weather condition. I mean I get tornadoes, hurricanes, but never in my life… I guess now it makes sense since hurricane and tornadoes have high wind speeds..

Also I remember seeing  or learning on tv that there are sandstorms in the Sahara desert or middle east . Picture like an Arab man in traditional clothing alone (or one of few) in the desert walking through, while he holds his head wrap (Agal and Keffiyeh *) and sands blows in his face and all around him, his garment flapping torrentially in the wind.

But its not too surprising that people were more cautious: These high winds are dangerous in that trees have been toppling and if you drive in it , the wind can push your car. Heck, as I was driving out this morning, I had to drive on the other side of the road for a moment to drive past -you know what, a topple tree.

I guess its obvious by now I still went to work today. Interestingly, enough the electricity was flickering at work and at one point cut off and back on real quickly.  Pretty much all the computers I would assume came off and or were restarted. Momentary shouts of surprise and utter glee erupted in there, many of my colleagues eager to have a  welcome respite from work as they waited to log back in. Interestingly, I was still online with a caller and unbeknownst to me she probably heard me talking about the electricity coming off and on.

Anyway, I actually got a note from a doctor to give my employer saying I should not use headphones in any capacity for about a month. Problem is…Long story short how will I be able to actually work, if I can’t use headphones for a month or at least until I can meet and ENT and or audiologist? ( which could be less than  month).  The only thing I can think of that I could possibly do is stuffing envelopes and even that was hard for me. I mean I feel like its awkward I mean it is call center..

I have to work through somethings concerning this..

By the way I’m doing a little better but I still feel like my body is being hurt working in this position, its hard to pace myself in it. Maybe I’m making excuses but then again I guess I feel I shouldn’t be there.

The positive thing ( I should be more positive) is that they pay decent for a call center ( I guess..?), I could get paid less elsewhere, so I feel they did well in that department…

I mean its not amazing but it’s not terrible.

Mmm this winds reminds me of perhaps the Holy Spirit..could this high winds mean something….?




Disclaimer: the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to the author’s employer, organization, committee or other group or individual.




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