Good idea!

So recently I bought some private lessons ( four 30 minute sessions ) at a music school, to learn djing.  Ive noticed it’s easier  for me to learn with guidance of seasoned dj and I make better progress this way as opposed to trying to teach myself and set the pace myself.

I’ve been able mix several songs in row (beatmatching). Now mind you they were songs with intro edits, but then I’m a beginner and I guess it’s bit by bit that I will get better. The focus was just to beat match.I guess I need to work though on perhaps doing it more by ear then just depending on matching waveforms. Nevertheless, it great to see breakthrough in an area.  I also was not using headphones.

The thing is I may have to stop lessons for awhile. I was planning to try taking lessons to see how it would be. It turns out  it was a great idea! So, If  I had the money I probably continue for perhaps 3 -4 months total.  Talk about how much progress I would make! Now it’s like I’m ending it soon?

However, maybe I’ve learned enough to start of jump start the fruit-fullness of this. Maybe now that I’ve learned this basic skill maybe it won’t be so hard to do the other skills that make a dj great.

By the way I should get a laptop, and normal dj controllor ( I have  weGo3  which I guess is considered portable) but I guess my teacher seems to sort of hint-emphasize getting a normal dj controller ( well I guess he said said that’s like the next step up). Also he asked again this week if I brought my laptop ( I think he asked last week also), and I’m like no. So it seems those are two things I should get.




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