How do they do it?

I was checking out other vocalists on Fiverr and when I listen to my vocals it doesn’t sound as good, and don’t get me wrong it’s not like I can’t carry a tune but wow.


These singers ( I mostly heard female singers)  are really great on Fiverr. I was intending to list a gig for singing a song  but its like I’m wondering if it’s a plug in they use or mic or maybe my novice music production skills  (and lack of great recording space) that my voice doesn’t sound as polished as theirs does.

..maybe I really just could stand to learn to sing in a polished way…:/ ..

These singers are really good



Nevertheless, different people like different things and may think my voice suits their song. But the fact of the matter is people can discern and would like nice a polished product.  Even, if people may not understand what makes a quality vocal track they can hear it. I’ve got to learn how they do that sing better with a mic

or maybe it’s the vocal production I need to work on more. If you know how I can get better at vocal recording and vocal production please share you advice. Thanks


Do you like her?

Why do I keep saying  that?

It’s like in my heart that question  arises when I think of people I respect or admire or want to have some kind of relationship with ( probably mostly famous people) . I spend so much time preoccupied with lives of famous people on social media..


I guess people know…

You think by not saying anything and keeping things to yourself people won’t know…
But people can pick up stuff. I guess it’s all in our nature, (well most of us) to pick up things about people that they don’t disclose openly.
I remember this guy I was talking to via onlin  picked up  things about me that are a bit shameful for me to reveal.
One of them he revealed in a question- Have you been on any dates?
I was thirty or 29 at that time. I guess something I emanated, showed or displayed clued him in that I may have never been on a date before.
To make matters worse a girl at my previous job asked me if I had a boyfriend or have I ever had a boyfriend ( I don’t remember exactly ) but I was uncomfortable and didn’t want to answer the question, so I dodged it. I said something assertive not letting her know.
I guess perhaps, I should’ve owned it and but been like cool about it chill about it. But wouldn’t that only be authentic to do if had willfully chosen to remain single all these years? I didn’t necessarily want or think by my age I would have never been on date. I have unfortunately been a late bloomer in more than one aspect. This being one of them.  The stage I am now is what people were going through in their teens in young adult years.. trying to find out who you are and what you want to in your life. I ‘m wanting break free..