I guess people know…

You think by not saying anything and keeping things to yourself people won’t know…
But people can pick up stuff. I guess it’s all in our nature, (well most of us) to pick up things about people that they don’t disclose openly.
I remember this guy I was talking to via onlin  picked up  things about me that are a bit shameful for me to reveal.
One of them he revealed in a question- Have you been on any dates?
I was thirty or 29 at that time. I guess something I emanated, showed or displayed clued him in that I may have never been on a date before.
To make matters worse a girl at my previous job asked me if I had a boyfriend or have I ever had a boyfriend ( I don’t remember exactly ) but I was uncomfortable and didn’t want to answer the question, so I dodged it. I said something assertive not letting her know.
I guess perhaps, I should’ve owned it and but been like cool about it chill about it. But wouldn’t that only be authentic to do if had willfully chosen to remain single all these years? I didn’t necessarily want or think by my age I would have never been on date. I have unfortunately been a late bloomer in more than one aspect. This being one of them.  The stage I am now is what people were going through in their teens in young adult years.. trying to find out who you are and what you want to in your life. I ‘m wanting break free..



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