The next biggest app? Monkey

I was on YouTube recently (well I’m on there everyday )

But recently I came across a video with someone using the Monkey app and I saw that there were other videos to with lots of views concern people using this app. The youtubers obviously have some crazy thing they do with it

I wonder why I haven’t heard of it before until now. I feel it’s an interesting concept . There a sort of thrill or like it’s kind of scary for me meeting someone like in couple Of second of being presented with their name and age. But it can exciting -who know who you’ll meet hopefully not someone bad but then of course that’s why you use safety precautions and you can always not add time to the video. But there is also an option to add someone as a friend probably important if you want to chat with them again as the app randomly pairs you with another person. who knows If you might see them again on there ?

Well any whose I thought this could be interesting.Maybe even for people who are shy. With the click of button you can video chat with someone for a limited time. One of the users can add more time to the video chat.

I think about how this is could be like tinder for video. I’m not sure if any real relationships have taken place from this but it reminds me of speed dating.

Ok here’s the thing though. I haven’t actually gone all the way in the sense that I’ve installed the app and am a user but I have yet to accept a video chat.

Am I ready for this? I think it could be a way to make possible new friends and also be like speed dating.

Fyi, since this is a video chat make sure you don’t leave something in view of the camera whereby you reveal personal information like where you live or your credit card number.

If you do a google search yes there are people worried about how bad people can use this app for wrong.

Apparently on YouTube Someone warned about how easy it is to lie about your age on it. I myself did not but it was obvious some people did as I saw about two or three people with ages at around 166 and yeah nobody on earth is that old. The good thing though is I’m 31 and it pretty much paired me with people it seems mostly around my age aka not teens or very young people.

Also apparently there is a feature where you can like blur your face so if you’re not that ready yet you could do that.. or you could have the camera face a wall and talk but yeah that would probably be annoying.

I mean eventually I hope to actually do it . I will probably start with blurring my face …


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