Grateful ..but a bit disappointed

So the year is coming a close and I am thinking about what I had wanted to accomplish and though I am not where I was,  I’m really sad because.. this is really ridiculous of me to admit..but I have only finished one song this whole year. One song. I should be finished with another by the end of the week but yeah..


I was hoping to have produced several songs by now.

Part of why I think I only have finished one song is pride (ego) with perfectionism along with impatience..I want to make it big with the first song I ever finished. Yes it’s unrealistic.

Possible? Yes. Unrealistic and a low chance..Yes. In addition I guess I want to accomplish so much at the same time on top of other issues I have.

The big thing is content. I have not put out enough content. Barely any. So how am I to build  a following without consistent content –I have watched a lot of Gary Vee.(  He makes sense with a lot of what he says but don’t try to burnout out yourself trying to make it.)

Now I have like songs and musical ideas but they are unfinished still like embryos not fully developed.

I really need to just share clips. If I can get the courage strength to do that.. God willing I will.


To be honest I had a word from God the Father or the Holy Spirit saying something like “productivity is based on worth”

So basically I need to know my worth…

I need to have speech of hope..speak life.. #selftalk #proclaim #riseup

Sorry if there are typos or grammatical errors in this.


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