Discoveries that could amp up your music production, mixing and mastering quality

So the following are things I found out about that could amp up the quality of my music production mixing and mastering

  1. Splice-apparently its a place you can get royalty free high quality sounds. ( They also offer other services.) Oak Felder talked about this on a video and I kind of knew about this before. But more recently to me it seems like it would be helpful for getting top quality samples fast. Nevertheless, it does start  $7.99 a month to get 100 sample credits. The thing is I kind of want to learn to make high quality sounds myself but then it’s not  a crime to use other samples that come perfectly made.
  2. masters song for you . Now I found out about this from . but too be honest I liked his version better. But he said you could use that website to get a master and then tweak it how you like. This is free unlike Landr.
  3. SurferEq2-  a plugin that can be used to duck frequencies of sound/instrument  competing with another sound sample. With regular side chaining the whole sound ( meaning all its frequencies too ) are ducked. With this only certain frequencies, the ones that are competing with another sound sample will be ducked that way you can gel/mix the music better.  I learned about this from Oak Felder.

By the way during this Black Friday/Cyber Monday season there were music producers who are also content creators that offered free trials of their courses regarding music production, mixing and mastering. I signed up for the two that came to my email ( Email marketing works). It’s really helpful for reminding people you are there and it’s like sending personal mail. Usually I sign up for something if there is deal I can do price wise.


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