Ok so there is this guy I’m connected with via facebook.  The problem is 2 of the 3 times he has contacted me , its when he needs a ride.

He literally coincidentally messaged me like for the first time when I was really in a really  hard place in my mind and heart.  I  though wow maybe its God.

Unfortunately I bared my soul a bit letting him know stuff I have not dared post on facebook publicly. Just to be met with a well good night I ‘m tired, I was just asking around for a ride.( something like that)

I don’t live in California. I let him know that but he let me know after that response that via facebook, funds could be sent.

😑 n%^$&,  I barely even know you. I said something about how I am not in the position to help him financially.

I feel l after the second time he did that i’m just like what is wrong with you ??  I feel like nothing to you. It’s just not the way to treat people.

Hmm 🤔 now I wonder  who  if I have have treated someone that way..