Good idea!

So recently I bought some private lessons ( four 30 minute sessions ) at a music school, to learn djing.  Ive noticed it’s easier  for me to learn with guidance of seasoned dj and I make better progress this way as opposed to trying to teach myself and set the pace myself.

I’ve been able mix several songs in row (beatmatching). Now mind you they were songs with intro edits, but then I’m a beginner and I guess it’s bit by bit that I will get better. The focus was just to beat match.I guess I need to work though on perhaps doing it more by ear then just depending on matching waveforms. Nevertheless, it great to see breakthrough in an area.  I also was not using headphones.

The thing is I may have to stop lessons for awhile. I was planning to try taking lessons to see how it would be. It turns out  it was a great idea! So, If  I had the money I probably continue for perhaps 3 -4 months total.  Talk about how much progress I would make! Now it’s like I’m ending it soon?

However, maybe I’ve learned enough to start of jump start the fruit-fullness of this. Maybe now that I’ve learned this basic skill maybe it won’t be so hard to do the other skills that make a dj great.

By the way I should get a laptop, and normal dj controllor ( I have  weGo3  which I guess is considered portable) but I guess my teacher seems to sort of hint-emphasize getting a normal dj controller ( well I guess he said said that’s like the next step up). Also he asked again this week if I brought my laptop ( I think he asked last week also), and I’m like no. So it seems those are two things I should get.




Prayers.Income. Direction.

Please pray I will discover the an income source right for me. I am thinking  to take some courses at a community college to gain skills that could perhaps aid in creative endeavors but I cant help but wonder..some of the courses in the Associates ( graphic design) I can’t help but wonder if they are something necessary for me to do.. but

Proverbs 14:23
In all toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty.

nevertheless I don’t want to waste time and energy,  if whereas my focus and energy could be better put to use somewhere else. Where that is *shrugs” I guess I need to pray with faith.. bottom line at this point in my life I need a career or income source to support myself and its important to help others with money I get.

Being full time student could make it harder to find a full time job in addition, juggling a full time job and full time school could throw my life balance off kilter and I’ve been  counseled to live a balanced life, a pace centered life, at the same time I am 30 years old. I don’t want to spend more time in school if I don’t have to . If I take full time course I could be done by this time next year or sooner. Taking the online courses the community college with courses that must be taken physically at the school may be less stressful than having to go down physically to the school.

I may have some financial aid in form of scholarships or grants, I am in a lot of debt from taking courses in classes, getting degrees I probably shouldn’t have taken or earned. Now I’m in a lot of debt. A lot. And if I take these courses full time I may have to get into more debt not as much but its still adds up.

To top it off I’m not crazy about graphic design, I like music production and video, I do like it a  bit though.  I don’t like the idea of working for a advertising agency or graphic design company. Maybe this sounds selfish but if you are going to be paid to do create someone elses design or vision not yours, can it still be fun or enjoyable? But perhaps somehow I feel the skills learned in the courses in this degree could help me do something else perhaps that would not require having to work for someone..perhaps I could publish my own stuff or something. Perhaps could do the certificate (less courses) but I am not sure if I can get financial aid for that..

Also due to some reasons I have not decided to pursue degree in music production. In addition it could be learned on my own.. Of course Graphic design could be learned on my own but I guess where I am in my life there may be an open door right now to take courses at the local community college and perhaps He may be approving me to do that. The question now i full time or part time.. If full time one more online course

In addition, I could uses this skills  to freelance graphic design ( Not what I want to do .. ) though but maybe I might have to due that for time until I  pave a path or be able to dow what I want…?

A big issue for me is perfectionism and wanting to be “great” at music production or video editing with the first content creations I make. In addition, other issues or circumstances I currently face, pressure and perhaps anxiety. #thatlifebalancethough

Any advice concerning my predicament would be helpful.