Black woman aren’t hot comment .. and the mess that exploded from it

( A post I mostly wrote  probably late last year)

You can watch the video here


I found the video on the Facebook  page of  a highly controversial guy

I’m an African American woman ( Nigerian American ). What a mess he put himself in. Maybe, he has some prejudices that he wasn’t aware of , I don’t know

Is two year suspension harsh? yes. Is it justified I don’t know. All I know is that what he did was hurtful to many black woman. That being said, its important that these girls believe they are beautiful no matter what “they” say

Unfortunately it takes  stuff look this for people to understand this is not a joke. We literally have a  study saying we are the least attractive woman on earth, add to that the media rarely portrays us… white woman are portrayed to look like goddesses.

Perhaps he really just made a dumb mistake..That being said, its important that these girls believe they are beautiful no matter what “they” say… why should we care what they think? Nevertheless some woman don’t know this and to say these like what he did doesn’t help the problem.. he probably doesn’t find black woman hot..but maybe he should have just kept that to himself…he doesn’t have to date African American woman.

I agree that a discussion could have been  conducted after the the guy who wrote  posted the comment was revealed…maybe some misunderstandings could be addressed..perhaps the guy could explain his side of the story and the black girls their side of the story and then maybe they could have come to an understanding of what is and what is not ok.

I am not sure why the black woman here though thought it  was weird the guy who posted the comment came. Why? Well we heard his side of the story , why he came and according to him, it didn’t seem to be for a twisted reason..Again another issue, the result of lack of communication , and hearing the other side story..