Waking up early to do a job..?

I could get a job with a merchandising company soon. It doesn’t pay well; I feel like  I would kill my self with the job.  I really am in place where I really need to get more serious about increasing my income. Considering the job starts at 4 am.

I have been slacking and perhaps just not taking getting out of  this rut as serious. Why would I be willing to wake up at 3 maybe 2:30 am to do some job I know I don’t want but not wake up at 4am to pursue the desires I have as regarding creative jobs and projects that could increase my income?  If I am nearly willing to  get up really early for a 4am job I hate because I am desperate for money, then I need to get up to pursue these other activities.

Recently I hit a wall as regarding djing. I feel I should cue all my music. All of it. It’s not sooo much (maybe 345 songs in Serato now) , but it feels like it’s taking forever. I go hard for maybe 2 hrs and just wonder if this is for me at all.  Maybe I’ve only attended to doing this three times. Time is going..

Now granted not every dj cues all their music for gigs. I have never done a gig. I really just want to cue most of the music I could use before really practicing djing and then doing a gig. Another option is practice without cuing and see if I can do that.

Any advice on what to do with this wall? At this point my plan is just to try to grit my teeth and wake up early to do it. ‘

Like Gary Vee has said I need to put in the time and hours. I can’t say Ive thoroughly  done that


Where in the world is Carmen san Diego..

I  don’t know why this song play in my heart every now and then.  Not like literally playing in my heart, but I just start singing it ..kind of like when you just start singing  song spontaneously I guess. ( I remember two versions of the song, I heard one of the versions today). I guess I kind of hear it it come up in your heart or soul

When I was a kid I remember watching the show on PBS, “Where in the world is carmen San Diego”.

I’m wondering if this is God showing me a clue as to what my future will be like , something apart of my destiny.. maybe I’ve gotten it as a word from God or something.

I guess I can research more about Carmen San Diego..I did research before and couldn’t see a clear link but I guess I can try again

Update: I in no way form shape or matter plan to become a master criminal. I guess I need to peel the layers to really find out why  I hear this ..hmm maybe she seems masked, or hidden.. I know I am kind like that…

Discoveries that could amp up your music production, mixing and mastering quality

So the following are things I found out about that could amp up the quality of my music production mixing and mastering

  1. Splice-apparently its a place you can get royalty free high quality sounds. ( They also offer other services.) Oak Felder talked about this on a video and I kind of knew about this before. But more recently to me it seems like it would be helpful for getting top quality samples fast. Nevertheless, it does start  $7.99 a month to get 100 sample credits. The thing is I kind of want to learn to make high quality sounds myself but then it’s not  a crime to use other samples that come perfectly made.
  2. Emastered.com- masters song for you . Now I found out about this from . but too be honest I liked his version better. But he said you could use that website to get a master and then tweak it how you like. This is free unlike Landr.
  3. SurferEq2-  a plugin that can be used to duck frequencies of sound/instrument  competing with another sound sample. With regular side chaining the whole sound ( meaning all its frequencies too ) are ducked. With this only certain frequencies, the ones that are competing with another sound sample will be ducked that way you can gel/mix the music better.  I learned about this from Oak Felder.

By the way during this Black Friday/Cyber Monday season there were music producers who are also content creators that offered free trials of their courses regarding music production, mixing and mastering. I signed up for the two that came to my email ( Email marketing works). It’s really helpful for reminding people you are there and it’s like sending personal mail. Usually I sign up for something if there is deal I can do price wise.

Posting song clips on Instagram

So I finally posted a clip of my song via video on Instagram for the first time.

The like and comments were very encouraging. Perhaps if your are starting out producing music and or singing ..even though you don’t feel finished with the song perhaps you can post a snippet or clip.

I’m new at this and feel a little like a baby venturing out there. so I am going to try be careful but am grateful for the likes and encouraging comments.


Grateful ..but a bit disappointed

So the year is coming a close and I am thinking about what I had wanted to accomplish and though I am not where I was,  I’m really sad because.. this is really ridiculous of me to admit..but I have only finished one song this whole year. One song. I should be finished with another by the end of the week but yeah..


I was hoping to have produced several songs by now.

Part of why I think I only have finished one song is pride (ego) with perfectionism along with impatience..I want to make it big with the first song I ever finished. Yes it’s unrealistic.

Possible? Yes. Unrealistic and a low chance..Yes. In addition I guess I want to accomplish so much at the same time on top of other issues I have.

The big thing is content. I have not put out enough content. Barely any. So how am I to build  a following without consistent content –I have watched a lot of Gary Vee.(  He makes sense with a lot of what he says but don’t try to burnout out yourself trying to make it.)

Now I have like songs and musical ideas but they are unfinished still like embryos not fully developed.

I really need to just share clips. If I can get the courage strength to do that.. God willing I will.


To be honest I had a word from God the Father or the Holy Spirit saying something like “productivity is based on worth”

So basically I need to know my worth…

I need to have speech of hope..speak life.. #selftalk #proclaim #riseup

Sorry if there are typos or grammatical errors in this.

The next biggest app? Monkey

I was on YouTube recently (well I’m on there everyday )

But recently I came across a video with someone using the Monkey app and I saw that there were other videos to with lots of views concern people using this app. The youtubers obviously have some crazy thing they do with it

I wonder why I haven’t heard of it before until now. I feel it’s an interesting concept . There a sort of thrill or like it’s kind of scary for me meeting someone like in couple Of second of being presented with their name and age. But it can exciting -who know who you’ll meet hopefully not someone bad but then of course that’s why you use safety precautions and you can always not add time to the video. But there is also an option to add someone as a friend probably important if you want to chat with them again as the app randomly pairs you with another person. who knows If you might see them again on there ?

Well any whose I thought this could be interesting.Maybe even for people who are shy. With the click of button you can video chat with someone for a limited time. One of the users can add more time to the video chat.

I think about how this is could be like tinder for video. I’m not sure if any real relationships have taken place from this but it reminds me of speed dating.

Ok here’s the thing though. I haven’t actually gone all the way in the sense that I’ve installed the app and am a user but I have yet to accept a video chat.

Am I ready for this? I think it could be a way to make possible new friends and also be like speed dating.

Fyi, since this is a video chat make sure you don’t leave something in view of the camera whereby you reveal personal information like where you live or your credit card number.

If you do a google search yes there are people worried about how bad people can use this app for wrong.

Apparently on YouTube Someone warned about how easy it is to lie about your age on it. I myself did not but it was obvious some people did as I saw about two or three people with ages at around 166 and yeah nobody on earth is that old. The good thing though is I’m 31 and it pretty much paired me with people it seems mostly around my age aka not teens or very young people.

Also apparently there is a feature where you can like blur your face so if you’re not that ready yet you could do that.. or you could have the camera face a wall and talk but yeah that would probably be annoying.

I mean eventually I hope to actually do it . I will probably start with blurring my face …

How do they do it?

I was checking out other vocalists on Fiverr and when I listen to my vocals it doesn’t sound as good, and don’t get me wrong it’s not like I can’t carry a tune but wow.


These singers ( I mostly heard female singers)  are really great on Fiverr. I was intending to list a gig for singing a song  but its like I’m wondering if it’s a plug in they use or mic or maybe my novice music production skills  (and lack of great recording space) that my voice doesn’t sound as polished as theirs does.

..maybe I really just could stand to learn to sing in a polished way…:/ ..

These singers are really good



Nevertheless, different people like different things and may think my voice suits their song. But the fact of the matter is people can discern and would like nice a polished product.  Even, if people may not understand what makes a quality vocal track they can hear it. I’ve got to learn how they do that sing better with a mic

or maybe it’s the vocal production I need to work on more. If you know how I can get better at vocal recording and vocal production please share you advice. Thanks